Holiday Book Exchange Sign-Ups

Yes I know that Christmas is still over 2 months away or so lol. I figured I'd get an early start. So the Holiday Book Exchange is like 'Secret Santa' but instead of clothes and toys you get books! YAY! Now on to all the important stuff. 

Some Guidelines:
-Sign-ups are open until November 20th so if your going to sign-up make sure you do so before then.
-You can send new or used books just make sure that the used books aren't in bad shape son't send someone something you would't want to receive.
-This is open to US residents only.
-Make sure that you put the Holiday Book Exchange button on your website or blog to show people that your participating and to help spread the word.
-If you sign-up make sure you send out your gifts please.
-Gifts must be sent out before December 12th.
-Someone asked if you can send a list for your wishlist and that's fine.
-Please email me at temarasheppard(at)yahoo(dot)com once you receive your gift.
-Fill out the form below.

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