Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Amazon Freebies

I found these Awesome Freebies on Amazon! Please make sure that you check the prices before you buy any of them! Just click the links under the covers and it will take you straight to their amazon page. If you know of any good freebies comment with a link to the book please! :)

1. Whispers in Autumn by Trisha Leigh
2. Dirty Blood by Heather Hildenbrand
3. Broken Aro by Jen Wylie
4. Enchantment by Charlotte Abel
5. Taken by Charlotte Abel
6. Gravity by Abigail Boyd
7. Parallel Spirits by T.S. Welti
8. Anathema by Megg Jensen
9. Jaguar Sun by Martha Bourke
10. You Will Never See My Face by Vivan Cutt
11. Change by Soraya Lane
12. Wildwood by Helen Scott Taylor
13. The New Kid by Temple Mathews
14. Scary Mary by S.A. Hunter


  1. here is another one! Forbidden Mind by Kimberly Kinrade ^.^